The problem of safe bikes movement on the roads of our country with every year becomes not less actual, that is why the attention to this direction must be maximum, because we talk about the life and health of people. So our main aim is foundation of the school regarding teaching and providing cyclists with the extremely important information.

The issue of safe cycling

Why is there such a large number of road accidents involving cyclists who absolutely do not think about road safety? The answer to this question consists of several reasons. It is a problem of both physiological and psychological character. Here we mean the facts that some people react less quickly to occurring events, poorly determine the source of sound and are difficult to navigate in emergencies. Therefore, it is not easy for them to determine the degree of danger and react in a timely manner. People do not fully understand the physical laws of motion of large objects, and the ability of the car to stop quickly discovering a moment of danger.

Not all road users are good at predicting the disastrous consequences of their actions, they just do what they think right now. Do not forget about children who, on a bad example of adults, violate the rules of the road. And still, children often focusing on some action cannot control other processes. Of course, over time, the ability to control reality and awareness of the consequences come to the person, but our task is to protect the participants from irreparable actions now.

The cycling school of safety implies

  • The program of basic training of a cyclist about safety.
  • Which traffic rues does a person on a bike have to know and fulfil.
  • How to pass big car crossings and how to turn left.
  • The meaning of cycling routes and recommendations about their making.
  • Theoretical and practical aspects of city traffic of cyclists’ organization.

The durability of trips: 2 hours.

For taking part in the theoretical part of the bike school of traffic safety the bicycle is not obligatory. To participate in a practical part accompanied by a cycling instructor, you must come on your own proper bike!

The program of the cycling school of safety

  • 15 min — technical examination of the bike and commentaries.
  • 15 min — introduction course of traffic rules for the cyclist.
  • 60 min — trip in the district for studying traffic rules.
  • 30 min — rest in the park and discussion of undefined things.

Schedule of the cycling school of safety

Schedule of the cycling school of safety for 2019 is being formed…

The plan of actions and all the schedules is being formed at this stage as well as there is the process of collecting of the extremely important and useful information, which should be included into the program for more productive conducting of teaching.

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