It’s not a secret for anyone that a set of a bicycle does not end on the frame, wheels and brakes. So we have decided to make a list of the most useful accessories for your iron friend.

Bicycle helmet

Підбірка найкорисніших аксесуарів для велосипеда

First that you should care about selecting accessories – is the equipment for your safety. Most serious injuries on a bike include injuries of a head, that can be avoided using a helmet.

Again and again selecting the helmet in the shop, think not only about trends of fashion and beauty (you haven’t come to buy a hat), but about comfort. The helmet should «sit» well on the head and be properly tightened to fulfill its true function. Ask the consultant to help you with the selection and setting of the helmet. The presence of a helmet on the head should be a mandatory rule for you, even if you decide to slowly ride on an equal road! Securely fasten the buckle on the chin during the ride.

Bicycle headlight

Підбірка найкорисніших аксесуарів для велосипеда

The headlight is needed to illuminate the road and indicate the bicycle when driving in the dark.

Bike lights with power from the generator have become a rarity. Modern lights are usually powered by batteries or accumulators located in the body of the headlight, which, combined with a quick mount, allows them to be used as a portable lantern.

There are bike headlights with remote large capacity batteries, which are usually fastened under the fridge holder or in a special handbag on the frame.

Bicycle blinkers

Підбірка найкорисніших аксесуарів для велосипеда

If you ride in the dark of the day, then your bike should also be equipped with lanterns so that you can see the road and other traffic participants can see you.

Under the rules of the road bike, like all other vehicles, in the dark time of day should be lit by a white lantern in front and red in the back.

By the way, light reflectors mounted on your bike will not replace your lanterns!

Pump for a bicycle

Підбірка найкорисніших аксесуарів для велосипеда

Every cyclist just must have this important accessory. The pump is necessary to maintain a given pressure in tires; you will not manage without it.

There are both stationary pumps and portable ones. The first ones are more convenient to use at home, the second are compact, you can carry them with you.

Most pumps are mounted on a frame and are versatile. Two heads or an insert allow to pump tires both with automobile nipples, and with sports ones. Bike pumps have become a rarity.

Bicycle lock

Підбірка найкорисніших аксесуарів для велосипеда

A lock with a cable or a chain may be useful if you plan to leave the bike for a short time without supervision. Since most modern bicycles are equipped with wheels with eccentric mechanisms, it is necessary to buy a lock with a cable or a chain of such length that it allows to cover not only the frame of the bicycle, but also the wheels.

However, remember that any bike lock and chain are not too strong, and it is advisable not to leave the bike for a long time in questionable places.

Set of instruments

Підбірка найкорисніших аксесуарів для велосипеда

A bicycle kit is needed to eliminate minor faults.

It includes glue with patches or patches with self-adhesive tape to repair cameras. It can also include 2 or 3 plastic blades to facilitate tire fitting / disassembly. A set of keys is also necessary, usually hexagons of 2-6 mm. Often, it is made in the form of a complex knife and contains not only hexagons, but also a cross and flat screwdriver and knife blade.

Bicycle gloves

Підбірка найкорисніших аксесуарів для велосипеда

After the fall, first of all, hands suffer, which, as a rule, the cyclist put forward. In addition, gloves prevent the hand rub on the wheel, and also prevent the hands from rubbing in the pits.

There are two kinds of bicycle gloves: short ones – in which the ends of the fingers are open, and long ones – completely close the hand, protecting from the wind and frost.

Usually, the palm of such gloves is made of leather or leather replacer, and on top of the spandex, lycra or other material that will «breathe» and remove moisture.

It is desirable to buy bright bicycle gloves, as in the light, they will be better visible to other road users, as well as pedestrians.

Bicycle glasses

Підбірка найкорисніших аксесуарів для велосипеда

Any kind of riding, and especially off-road riding, suggests the presence of dust and dirt in the air, as well as insects, so it is desirable to always ride in safety glasses – dark in the sunny weather and transparent to the gloom.

Most bicycle stores have on sale safety glasses, some models of which are equipped with interchangeable lenses.

Bicycle mudguard wings

Підбірка найкорисніших аксесуарів для велосипеда

The wings will be okay to protect your bike from dirt and water flowing from under the wheels.

There are several types of wings: relatively short, quick-walled plastic wings with mounting on a frame or sub-seat pin, as well as longer and well covered metal-plastic wheels or metal fixed wings. Short wings are usually mounted on mountain bikes, rarely on hybrid and highway. They are comfortable so that they can be quickly removed from the bike without the use of keys, they practically do not break and have a low weight. Their main disadvantage is low protection from dirt: only the main flow of the wheels is cut off from the wheels. Long stationary wings protect a lot better, but usually have small mud holes. Therefore, they are more suitable for road applications on hybrid, city and other bicycles, including mountain bikes.

Trunk, bag or backpack for a bicycle

Підбірка найкорисніших аксесуарів для велосипеда

Every cyclist has such a moment when it is necessary to take with him some cargo that he or she carries with them on a regular basis or to carry. Therefore, it is very important to have a bicycle bag, a backpack or a special trunk.

Most cyclists use a backpack, but this can create some inconvenience, especially if the backpack is heavy. In addition, the back sweats more strongly from the backpack.

The trunk simply attaches to the frame and can hold up to 50 kg of cargo. There are trunks, which are fastened to the sub-seat pin – they can withstand weight up to 10 kg.

If a cyclist is going for a long trip, then it makes sense to get a bicycle bag. Such bags may have a volume of up to 85 liters. The most comfortable bag for long bicycle trips is the monobag – it has a strap so you can carry a backpack on your shoulders when you cross a heavy bike area.

Bicycle computer

Підбірка найкорисніших аксесуарів для велосипеда

If you want to regularly monitor your workouts, then this accessory is simply necessary.

The bicycle computer is an electronic device for measuring the speed and run of a bicycle, as well as additional parameters such as average speed, travel time, maximum speed, pulse, transmission on high speed bikes, current time, temperature, pressure, cadence, etc.

GPS navigator for a bicycle

Підбірка найкорисніших аксесуарів для велосипеда

It is a particularly useful navigator for those who travel a lot on bicycles and get into little-known or new places. On the touch screen of a bicycle, you can see the location of your stay, the route, as well as the speed of the cyclist pulse and speed.

There are several options for navigators for a bicycle. There are navigators which connect with your phone using Bluetooth and use sound and a simple screen to tell you when to turn left or right.